Preventing Bed Bugs in Columbus

Preventing bed bugs is easy if you follow a few simple rules. Some of these bed bug prevention measures may be difficult to follow, however, they will greatly reduce your risk of bringing bed bugs into your home. Our bed bug knowledge and experience have led to the creation of these rules. It is far more difficult to get rid of a bed bug infestation than it is to prevent it.

People who have bed bugs in their homes often leave their infested furniture outside in hopes it will cure their infestation.

(e.g. garage sale items, second hand) Sometimes bed bug-infested items are sold or donated. Prevent Bed Bugs, Buy New.

Do not go to their home and don’t let them come to yours. Do not sit on their furniture. Do not bring items from their home to yours.

In public, at work, or in someone’s home. Hang it from something metal if you can or leave it in your car. Bed Bugs Love Purses and Backpacks.

Prevent bed bugs by asking guests to keep items in their vehicles or outside. (e.g. purses, jackets, canvas/cloth bags)

If you must-have books from the library, read them outside or in public.

Have them use your vacuum. Don’t let them use their vacuum in your home. There is no way to prevent bed bugs from getting into all parts of the vacuum cleaner.

Preventing Bed Bugs When You Travel

When staying in a hotel or anywhere away from home, be aware that you could take bed bugs home with you. Prevent a bed bug infestation by following these instructions and keep your vacation memories happy. Inspect The Room for Signs of Bed Bugs: Check for small black (peppered) stains on bedding, bed frames, and mattresses. Pay special attention to cracks and seams. Lift the mattress and box spring and look on underside seams. Luggage: Inspect the luggage rack (if provided) and use this to keep all luggage elevated off of the floor. Never put your suitcase on the bed or floor.

When You Get Home Follow These Steps:

  • Initially put your luggage outside, including purses, diaper bags, and portable cribs.
  • Empty the contents such as clothes into plastic bags.
  • Wash and dry all clothes and linens on the highest heat possible.
  • Place the empty suitcase into a large black plastic bag.
  • Place the bagged suitcase in the sun to cook for several days.
  • Flip the bagged suitcase twice a day to ensure thorough heating.
  • Keep the suitcase sealed in the bag until the next use.

Tips: How To Sanitize Linens To Prevent A Bed Bug Infestation

  • Sanitizing linens is the most important step to preventing bed bugs from entering your home.
  • Seal linens in trash bags prior to entering the home or washing facility, preventing bed bugs from escaping into the structure.
  • Place the bag inside the washing machine and untie the top. Reach around the outside of the bag and grab near the bottom.
  • Pull upward on the bag from the bottom and let the clothes slide out of the bag. When the bag is empty, immediately grab the open end and seal the empty bag.
  • Bed bugs may be hiding in that empty bag. Immediately remove the empty sealed bag from the structure and dispose of it to prevent them from escaping.

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